Ewen McNeill (Photo)

Ewen has been writing software professionally for thirty years, and designing and help operate 24x7 online services for over twenty five years (starting with the Naos dialup BBS, after which Naos Ltd was named). Ewen has operated servers connected to the Internet since the 1990s, and designed and implemented Internet autonomous systems.

Over the last decade Ewen's primary focus has been mid size enterprise campus and WAN networks, Internet hosting providers, and Linux systems automation and backend software service design and development.

Ewen has written software in Python, Perl, and C (and in the dim distant past in a bunch of other environments including Java and Pick). And Ewen has worked on projects as varied as scientific research networks and analysis, banking document retrieval, VoIP call routing and billing, electricity metering, web hosting, and for a wireless access provider. Over the years Ewen has supported systems and software on many Linux and Unix variants, including Debian, Ubuntu, and RedHat Enterprise Linux, and Solaris, and OpenBSD.

In a past life Ewen accidentally obtained a LLB Hons (Law) degree, and somewhat less accidentally a BSc (in Computer Science), as well as certificates in tools like VMware and Java when they were much younger technologies.

Ewen keeps a mostly technical personal blog and is active on the Fediverse at CloudIsland as @ewenmcneill@cloudisland.nz.